Our Policies


  • Suncoast Mobile Pet Grooming’s philosophy is to provide the best pet grooming experience possible.
  • Your pet’s safety and comfort is very important to us.
  • We will not perform any grooming procedure that causes pain or a level of stress or anxiety for your pet.

Cancellation Policy:

All pet grooming services are by appointment only.  Since we are traveling to you and by a set appointment.  Any cancellations will cause routing changes or re-arrangements of other scheduled appointments.  For this reason, we will require a minimum of 24 hour advanced notice to avoid a $25.00 cancellation/re-scheduling fee.


Our appointments are schedule with a scheduled window of time.  We reserve this window to insure that we have enough time to groom the prior pet and not rush the appointment pending the pet’s grooming needs.  If the prior appointment needs more attention that anticipated, we will be calling you to advise of any time delay for your scheduled appointment.

Our min. trip charge is $50 …. However, if your pet is in need of just a nail trim.  You can request to schedule these appointments when traveling to groom in your area to reduce the min. trip charge.  If we do not have a grooming appointment in the area…the min. fee will be applied.

If your pet is too difficult to groom for any reason, we will let you know at time of appointment. We will discuss alternatives for your pets needs.

If we find that your pet has excessive matting, your pet will receive a short haircut.  This will allow your pet to have the matted coat removed and start over.


Pricing will vary pending the Breed, size, and grooming style requested, as well as the condition of your pet determined.  Also, if you decide that you wish to add on to services provided at time of appointment.

We rely on the owner of the pet to insure the condition of the pet prior to the appointment. Please let us know if your pet has any special conditions.


Payment is required at the end of the grooming appointment.  We accept:  Cash, Check, and credit card (Check, Visa, Master card, American Express and Discover)

Phone calls:

Suncoast Mobile tries to answer all incoming calls.  However, we may be grooming and do not want to interrupt the grooming session to take the phone call.  Please leave a message and we will return as soon as possible.  All phone calls are very important to us!

Note:  If you prefer to send a “Text” message.  Please do and we will reply as well.